GameTimer is a countdown clock for 2-6 players, that works like a chess-clock.
The countdown time can be set in 1 secs steps from 10 secs to 99 hours.

GameTimer is useful when playing board-games, where you want to limit the "thinking"-time for each player,
or want to put some extra stress on the players, as they can see they time running out.

GameTimer works on Windows XP, Vista or 7 - it might also work on Windows 2000, but it hasn't been verified.

Guide / FAQ:

When first started, you are asked to enter number of players, their names and duration. When done click Ok, the timer is ready to start by clicking the Start-button.
Remaining Warning is used to give audible warning to a player, when the remaining time is below the set value (mm:ss).
During a game, the countdown is moved to the next player, by pressing the Next-button, by pressing <Space> or <Enter> key. The countdown can be paused with the Pause-button.
During a game, the player-names and the Remaining Warning time can be changed, and if a player leaves the game, he can be excluded by removing the checkmark next to the players name in the Setup dialog.
If for some reason the countdown time for a player need to be manually modified, just double-click the countdown time for the player, and enter the number of seconds to add (positive number) or to subtract (negative number) from the players time.
GameTimer will automatically turn of Windows screensaver, but will not disable any power-saving feature if enabled.

Version Log:



First official released version


Download newest version by right-clicking here (size 370kbyte) and select "Save As".
Unpack the zip-file and run Setup.exe which install the program, and adds it to the Start-menu.

The program can be uninstalled with "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows Control Panel.

The program requires .NET Framework 2.0 or newer to be installed.