HEX reader reads the contents of a HEX file formatet as Intel Intellec or Intel MCS-86 format, and displays the contents.
It also extracts information about extended addresses and first and last address to be programmed, if file is used for programming a PROM.

Guide / FAQ:

The program should be strait forward to use, and all buttons and checkboxes, should be more or less self-explanatary, or show a tooltip.
The Quick load checkbox makes reading the HEX-file quicker, as it doesn't update the display, until the complete file has been read.
When loading a file, all file-extensions is accepted, but .HEX, .83 & .88 are the preferred (standard) extensions.

Version Log:




First official released version


Download newest version by right clicking here (size 1.5Mbyte) and select "Save As".
Unpack the zip-file and run Setup.exe which install the program, and adds it to the Start-menu.

The program can be uninstalled with "Add/Remove Programs" in the control panel.

The program has been made with Visual Basic, and all necessary libraries (DLL & OCX) should be included in the installation.
If you think that all the necessary libraries are already installed on your PC, or you just want to update an older version, you can download HEX-Reader.exe (size 32kbyte), and install it manually (just copy it to a directory and run it).