This is a collection of programs and utilities i've made for my own personal use, and originally they were not made for general distribution.
But as word got around, several people have asked for at copy of one or more of the programs, or asked me to make a program to solve a specific problem. So now i've decided to distribute them for free, as others might find them useful.

If you have any good ideas for improvements or additional features, feel free to email me.
This is a spare time project for me, so don't expect any quick solutions - except if i find it useful for my self ;-)

All programs (not links) available from this site is freeware, which means that you can freely download them and use it at no charge.
You can not redistribute or sell the programs without written consent from

All programs has been tested to the best for my knowledge, but takes no responsibility for any damage or misuse of any of the programs available.

NOTE that most of the programs was made before the time of Windows 7 or Windows 10, so some of them might have to be executed using "elevated priviledges" i.e. started with "Run as administrator".


Short description


Program for registration of working hours if you got flexible working-hours.
This program only exist in a Danish version, so the detailed description is in Danish. Sorry !!
(Program til tidsregistrering og udregning af flextid)


List files in directory (and subdirectories) in text-file with delimiter, for import into spreadsheet.


Individual countdown (like chess-clock) for 2-6 players.


Check specific drive (harddisk) by copying random files.

RS-232 TestProgram

Check connections in a RS232 Com-port (loop-back adapter needed).

HEX Reader

Display contenst of HEX file (Intel/Motorola MCS-86 format).

Media File Renamer

Add index-number to files in folder according to playlist-file (pls, m3u, txt), mp3/wma tag, date or filename.