Media File Renamer can add index-number to name of files in a folder according to order in playlist-file (pls, m3u, txt), track-number in mp3/wma tag, date or filename.
You can choose between renaming the existing files, or making a copy of the files in a different folder, with the index-number added to the filename.
It can also creates a "playlist"-file with name of all files in a folder, ordered according to options mentioned above.

Media File Renamer comes in handy, if you are using a media player of some kind, that cannot read index/track-information from a file, but only according to filename,
as it can add index/track-number to the filenames, so they are played in the correct order by the media player.

Media File Renamer works on Windows XP, Vista or 7 - it might also work on Windows 2000, but it hasn't been verified.

Guide / FAQ:

Select the folder with the files to be renamed (Source Folder) and optionally a folder (Destination Folder) where to copy the files before renaming, if the Same as destination folder option hasn't been checked.
The Source Files-list will show all the files in the folder, and the Destination Files-list the files with their new name according to sort-order, as selected in the Rename according to options.
Click Rename files to rename/copy files as shown in the Destination Files-list.
If Playlist file option has been selected, also the Playlist File value has to be selected (with the Browse-button) or entered manually.

If the program detects that the files in the source folder has already been renamed with an index-number, it displays a warning, and gives the option Remove existing index-number, and if this is checked, it shows in the Destination Files-list, how the filenames will be, if the Rename files-button is clicked.

From the Setup menu you can setup number of digits, delimiter between index-number and filename, and an optionally prefix (example is shown).
Here you can also setup the name of the playlist-file that can be created with the Function - Make playlist file menu-item.

Note: Only MP3-tag version 1 (ID3v1) is supported ! - version 2 not yet implemented.

Version Log:



First official released version


Download newest version by right-clicking here (size 370kbyte) and select "Save As".
Unpack the zip-file and run Setup.exe which install the program, and adds it to the Start-menu.

The program can be uninstalled with "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows Control Panel.

The program requires .NET Framework 2.0 or newer to be installed.